Bad Shepherd Tepache Spiced Beer

Bad Shepherd

Published November 25, 2020

You never know what's coming next from Bad Shepherd these days. They've got IPA and sour series on the go, plus their eclectic Brew Crew Series, and have been serving up the odd dessert beer too. Now here's their Christmas 2020 beer, albeit one that comes via Mexico in the shape of a spiced lager inspired by Tepache, a fermented and spiced drink made from the peel and rind of pineapples.

In this example, spices come in the form of ginger root, cinnamon, smoked chipotle chillies, star anise, nutmeg and cloves, with some lactose and Vic Secret hops completing the mix. Hazy and pale, the cinnamon, anise and cloves are most potent on the nose, where the pineapple gets a look-in too. The spice overrides much of the fruit character on the palate, aiding a very dry finish in a festive drop that's a far cry from your typical spiced Christmas offerings.

James Smith

Spiced Mexican Lager
Bad Shepherd

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