Nomad Brewing Supersonic Sonic Boom: Yuzu & Passionfruit

Nomad Brewing

Released October 12, 2020

Nomad have gone hazy with this Supersonic IIPA, bringing a soft cloudiness to a series that’s usually bright and sparkling. But they’ve stuck to their habit of adding enough fruit to wow the senses.

Each Supersonic variation has a mouth-belting bitterness doing battle with whatever fruit is in the mix. With Sonic Boom, the fruit triumphs; the bitterness is present, but on its knees, submitting to the reigning victors. Passionfruit is the dominant ruler; yuzu is her trusty advisor. But you could have guessed that from the very first smell – the force of passionfruit flavour in the mouth was promised by the sweet Pasito on the nose.

Sonic Boom isn’t a one-trick pony, though. Galaxy, Nelson Sauvin and the soon-to-be-formally-named hop variety HPA-016 bring their nuances to play as well, amplifying the passionfruit, adding a subtle Sauv Blanc note, and sharpening up the yuzu’s citrus peel bitterness.

Be careful – Sonic Boom is sweeter and easier to drink than its Supersonic predecessors, but still packs a chunky 7.8 percent ABV. If there's a summer cocktail that contains Pasito, white wine, and a twist of citrus peel, this beer probably nails it.

Mick Wust

Hazy Fruit IIPA
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