Akasha Projects The Eagle IIIIPA

Akasha Taproom & Brewery

Published September 25, 2020

After a makeover and core range shakeup mere weeks ago, Sydney’s Akasha Brewing Co have eased into their snazzy new duds with aplomb. And what better way to really announced your new self to the world than with something that should be utterly absurd but is actually grouse?

Everything about The Eagle is so obscene, I almost feel compelled to write to ABAC and tell them that not only is this beer completely unsafe for the eyes of children, I’m not even entirely sure it’s appropriate to be consumed by consenting adults. Let’s be honest with ourselves here: is anyone’s pre-frontal cortex sufficiently developed enough to make an informed decision about drinking a 12 percent IPA?

The aroma of pine and tropical fruits explode out of the can, beat you to within an inch of your miserable life and then lovingly take care of you on your long but comfortable convalescence. The palate is a delightful morass of hop resin, citrus, mango and malt sweetness that I’m pretty sure I’ll still be able to taste this time next week. Of course there’s some alcohol heat there, but my sweet Lord, how is this so good? Anything called a quadruple IPA should be an astringent, sticky undrinkable mess, but The Eagle isn’t. It’s criminal.

Judd Owen

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