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Nomad Brewing

Released September 17, 2020

Since hazy beers have taken over, it's been time to get good at rolling our cans before we open and pour (though drinkers of Coopers or Bundaberg Ginger Beer have been doing this for years). Nomad have leaned into this and straight up called their newest core range beer Rollin’ Haze.

It’s a hazy pale ale packed with Galaxy and Nelson Sauvin hops (as well as a "new experimental hop") that brings vibes from two favourite Aussie barbecue beverages - the zingy passionfruit of a refreshing Pacific ale, and the bright juiciness of a cheeky sauv blanc (or "sav blonk" for my fellow Queenslanders).

A sunny yellow glow reflects the vibrant flavours - as well as the passionfruit, there’s a tinge of acidic sweetness like lemon sherbet. If you were to take the fruitiest white wine you’ve tasted, then hop it with Galaxy, you’d probably get something like this. Meanwhile the while, pillowy head is the embodiment of the way the beer sits softly on the tongue, which is the work of the oats added into the mix.

Throw in a crisp, dry finish and low bitterness, and this is a smashable beer with a whole lot of lovely going on.

Mick Wust

Hazy Pale Ale
Nomad Brewing

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