Nomad Brewing Supersonic Mandarin & Blood Lime DIPA

Nomad Brewing

Released September 17, 2020

Sometimes citrus is added to a beer to tweak the flavour around the edges, bringing a subtle undercurrent to those discerning enough to notice. In this beer, the citrus isn’t trying to be subtle; it’s more like it’s hijacking a car and taking it for a joyride while you're in the backseat.

Supersonic Mandarin and Blood Lime DIPA is a ride and a half. Both the mandarin and the blood lime (which is a hybrid fruit, derived from finger limes and acid mandarins) make themselves known long before you bring the glass up to your face. However, there’s also also a creamy, almost oaky-vanilla character that smooths out the aroma.

Then, when you take a sip, everything is intensified - the mandarin sweetness amps up; the lime rind sharpness cuts through; the silky creaminess doubles down. It’s like a Splice ice cream on steroids. But before you wonder if is a confectionary suitable for kids, it hits you with a wallop of bitterness with a side of resin, reminding you you’re drinking a DIPA, not a fruit smoothie.

If you like your fruit to sit in the background, keep away. If you want to be rocked with citrus flavour and big bitterness, drink this.

Mick Wust

Fruited Double IPA
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