Westside Ale Works Weekend Juice & Major Revision & Ryes N' Shine

NEIPA & Hazelnut Brown Ale & Oatmeal Rye Stout
5.8% & 6.4% & 6.5%

When you constantly pour 20 different beers of your own creation at your brewpub, it’s safe to say you’ll become accustomed to brewing a pretty diverse mix of styles. That’s certainly the case with these three cans from Westside Ale Works, a trio which sees them transition from hazy to hazelnut to (h)oatmeal as smoothly as this sentence.

Weekend Juice is a NEIPA that looks like the juice you’d enjoy with your Saturday brunch, with its colour closest to the kind of tropical drop you might grab from a supermarket three litres at a time. It’s full of those flavours too, with mango, pineapple and white peach coming together before the Weekend is brought to a close by the beer's bitter bite.

Major Revision is a hazelnut brown that comes in what has to be Westside’s most colourful can to date. It’s one rich brown ale where chocolate undertones, roasted coffee notes and the aforementioned hazelnut meld together to create the experience of consuming a chocolate bar in liquid form.

Completing the trio is Ryes N’Shine, an oatmeal rye stout with a soft and silky body that’s big on brash roasted notes, espresso flavours and, thanks to the rye in the malt bill, brings a bit of spice to play on the palate too.

Will Ziebell

Published July 20, 2020

Westside Ale Works

36 Alfred Street
South Melbourne
VIC 3205

(03) 9694 2124
Open Hours

Thurs to Sat: midday to 11pm
Sunday: midday to 9pm

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