Mismatch Brewing Chocolate Stout 2020

Mismatch Brewing Co

Released July 9, 2020

Every year, Mismatch reach out to Adelaide Hill chocolatiers Melba Chocolate for help with a chocolate stout. The final product is slightly different every year and, for 2020, Melba decided to whip up a liquid chocolate that was then poured into the base stout featuring a stack of specialty malts along with further additions of vanilla.

There's no mistaking the chocolate goodness; even Willy Wonka would be impressed. On the nose it's pretty sweet with milk chocolate, a hint of vanilla, some nuttiness and a smidgeon of roast. It's like drinking chocolate in liquid form, with the authentic chocolate flavour coming through impressively – prominent and balanced. The vanilla rides high in support with the nuttiness and roast on the subtle side in a beer that manages to be sessionable thanks to a dry finish that helps rein in the Chocolate Stout's sweetness.

Matt King

Chocolate Stout
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