Pikes Beer Co Choc Vanilla Stout

Pikes Beer Company

Published July 6, 2020

When the colder months come calling, there are many who reach for a stout as if by Pavlovian response [which in these pastry stout days could have a very different meaning too – Editor], And it's no different in the Clare Valley. This Pikes winter release comes in the form of a 7.8 percent ABV chocolate vanilla foreign extra stout featuring additions of vanilla and roasted cocoa nibs post ferment.

The beer does everything it says it should on the label: the chocolate and vanilla absolutely reign supreme. Pouring a deep dark brown, the vanilla is first to domineer the senses, creating a sweet aroma alongside some milk chocolate and coffee. It's huge on the first sip, too, while the cocoa nibs chime in with a sweet milkiness before a dark chocolate bitterness rides through to the back palate. A touch of roast helps blend the flavours together in a wintry offering with a full body and silky smooth finish.

Matt King

Choc Vanilla Stout
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