Bodriggy Brewing Big 'Sner & Moonbeam

Bodriggy Brewing Co

Published June 19, 2020

These twin releases from Boddriggy may both be inspired by New Zealand but it’s there any similarities end. Big ‘Sner is an imperial celebration of New Zealand pilsners, taking inspiration in particular from one of the country's best known: Emerson’s Pilsner. Using nothing but NZ malts and hopped with Wai-iti and experimental variety HORT-9909, you can certainly tell there are Kiwi hops within. Along with a sherbety lemon and peach character, there’s that slightly sharper diesel-esque quality you can often pick up in big beers featuring hops from across The Ditch. Taken along with the boozy warmth that comes from its 9 percent ABV, it has to make Big 'Sner one of the paler winter releases to still be designed for sipping.

Then there’s Moonbeam, a kiwifruit and ginger sour with a cloudy and pale yellow body that sure makes it look like kiwifruit juice. But it’s the ginger that hits you first, as ginger tends to do, before the acidity and kiwifruit cut through in a beer with such a creamy mouthfeel it reminded me it was about time I bought a new pillow.

Will Ziebell

Imperial NZ Pilsner & Fruit Ginger Sour
9.0% & 6.0%
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