Prancing Pony Black Ale Cascadian

Prancing Pony Brewery

Published June 18, 2020

A sign of the times here as Prancing Pony shelve their Black Ale and introduce, um, Black Ale. Or, to be clear, their original 6 percent ABV Black Ale is shelved for a new 6 percent ABV Black Ale. OK, let's try again: the original Black Ale was more in easy-drinking stout / dark ale territory; here they've taken inspiration from the Cascadian dark ales or black IPAs of the Pacific Northwest and upped the hops, body and impact.

The result is a beer that's less black than mahogany and leads off with sweet, sticky treacle, dark chocolate and dried fruit aromas. The hops are of a more herbal, drying nature, while its rather velvety mouthfeel releases a slow-building roasted finish run through with bitter cacao.

James Smith

Cascadian Dark Ale
56 IBU
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