Nail Brewing NBT Pale v7

Nail Brewing

Published May 28, 2020

With an ever-increasing and diverse array of expression filling bottleshop fridge doors, it makes for a lovely change to sit with the same beer and appreciate the nuance within each edition. With NBT, there’s neither radical change nor hype, but in their place resides an education on how to build a beer, specifically a modern pub beer for whenever that particular levee breaks.

Now in its seventh iteration Nail’s NBT series of pale ales draws from German Amarillo and classic US hop Centennial. The pair, and whatever else is hiding unannounced, show grapefruit, lime blossom and pomelo aromas with herbal notes, plus faint pine within a lean, juicy mouthfeel before a forward and lasting bitterness for style drives through to a lengthy dry finish. Not bad for a schooey ... or pint if you’re drinking west.

Check the digi-print under the can to see which iteration you have in hand, then use the QR code to let Nail know what you think as they continue on their mission to create their perfect pale.

Guy Southern

Pale Ale
Nail Brewing

323 Collier Road
WA 6054

0413 87 2337