Mismatch Brewing Evil Archie's Red IPA

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Released April 17, 2020

Back in 2013, Mismatch launched as a contract operation with Archie's Red Ale, a malt driven beer that soon caught the attention of the SA beer community. Fast forward to 2015 and Archie's evil twin was born, ramping the original up to 6.66 percent ABV and supercharging the hopping schedule too. The final tweak beer came in 2016, when it shifted from red ale to a red IPA.

Today, still sitting at 6.66 percent ABV and popular as ever, Evil Archie's takes all the finer elements of its forefathers, released every year in as the leaves turn red as the super clear liquid in your glass. The hops dominate the aroma with elements of melon, grassiness and resin coming together pleasantly as one, supported by a touch of toffee. The toffee and light caramel malts contribute a sticky sweetness on the palate with the hops amplifying matters, sending forth resin alongside a solid hit of melon, a touch of stone fruit, and a decent bitterness that lingers, aiding the medium dry finish.

NB: if you're reading this during the COVID-19 shutdown, Mismatch have launched a new online store with free shipping of orders over $50 – check it out here.

Matt King


Fresh batch being canned late April 2020

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