Otherside Brewing Co Juicy West Coast IIPA & Russian Imperial Stout

IIPA & Russian Imperial Stout
8.4% & 9.8%

The Otherside experimentals continue with a flurry. Not only is there this massive duo but, as you read this, there’s also an AUS/NZ DDH Oat Cream IPA on the way plus some more shelf stable styles on the horizon.

The DDH Juicy West Coast Hazy IPA is a hybrid of sorts, and one which is finding increasing favour with brewers looking to best express New World hops. A decade or more ago, the three Cs may have abrasively dominant, nowadays more juicy offerings showcase hops. And that's the case here. With a slightly hazy, burnt gold appearance, JWCIIPA rolls forward with mango, pineapple, orange, bitter mandarin and subtle pine, and, while there’s ample bitterness, there’s also a lovely round mouthfeel and balanced dryness – this is a real mix of old and new.

And then there’s the RIS, a beer that gleefully sits in the past, so much so that it reminded me of North Coast’s Old Rasputin. Respectfully sipped, its mature layers reveal themselves: mocha, bitter dark chocolate, espresso, roast malt, touches of dark soy and flat cola, while firm but integrated bitterness dances with a delicate oiliness – a luscious, old school Russian Imperial Stout.

Guy Southern

Published March 26, 2020

Otherside Brewing Co

Blaikie Street
WA 6154

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