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Released March 23, 2020

When South Australia heats up, people come out to play and drink, and eat and party [At least when they're allowed too – Editor]; this is when the Adelaide Hills comes alive during their Crush Festival. Held over a weekend in late January, it showcases the Adelaide Hills region and draws in hordes of people to their favourite wineries.

In 2020, Mismatch decided to get involved, teaming up with a few Adelaide Hills wineries – Vinteloper, Murdoch Hill and Howard Vineyards. To satisfy the beer drinkers at the festival, Mismatch brewed an easy-drinking golden summer ale to drink in the sun and soak up the summer vibes. Weighing in at 4.4 percent ABV, it was designed so festival-goers could drink in the sun all afternoon long.

Everything about Crush Ale is approachable, pouring super clear and a light golden colour. The aroma is easy on the nose with gentle fruity aromas alongside a good chunk of biscuit malts. Bitterness is reserved, with the hops taking on subtle stone fruit flavours. However, the malt is the driving force, punching through the medium to medium light body. A crushable golden ale, as you'd expect.

Matt King

Golden Ale
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