Mismatch Brewing Not Your Average Plum Gose

Mismatch Brewing Co

Released February 11, 2020

If you've ventured to the home of Mismatch Brewing at Lot 100 in the Adelaide Hills, you'll know their restaurant serves up a distinctive menu featuring rustic Italian cuisine with a native Australian twist. For Mismatch’s latest release, this native Australian twist spilled into the brewery, where they used head chef Shannon Fleming’s knowledge of the Davidson plum to their advantage. The flesh of the fruit takes on a deep Burgundy appearance and is quite acidic, hence a gose was order of the day as they looked to place it in shining lights.

The plums impart their colour, creating a hazy medium pink beer. Some fleshy plum aromas come through on the nose too but don't dominate; instead an earthy, beetroot like character enters the scene alongside wheat and some acidity. The fruit shines through more prominently to taste, delivering an acidic punch and decent tartness balanced by its fleshy, juicier side, some earthiness, a little saltiness, and a finish that's on the dry side.

Matt King

Plum Gose
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