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Published January 22, 2020

At the end of every AFL season, an illustrious panel of experts select an All Australian team. The best players in each position are given a guernsey in recognition of being the best of the best throughout the season. What if we were to adopt this tradition in the beer world? What would an All Australian beer team look like?

Now, I’m a Queenslander living in Sydney and the last game of AFL I watched was when I unceremoniously leapt clear of the Lions bandwagon as it careened into a ravine that was their defeat at the hands of Port in the 2004 Grand Final. Therefore, my knowledge of AFL positions is limited and I belligerently refuse to do any research so we’ll see how we go.

At Wing Attack we might have Balter’s Scotty Hargrave and taking tremendous speccys in the Up-Front Grabber position is Stone & Wood’s Caolan Vaughan. Then prowling around at Top Pocket Protector is Mitch Pickford from Range flanked by Brendan “The Raven” O’Sullivan at Half-Full Dipper.

Then who could forget the demon from Van Dieman, Will Tatchell picking up 69 touches at Semi Rucker? The dastardly duo in the centre-triangle, Mr Rocky Ridge, Hamish Coates, and Jade “Wheaty” Flavell. Finally, Captain and the best Sensible Centre in the game, “DDH” Dave Padden from Sydney’s Akasha.

Anyway, Akasha’s first limited release for 2020 is the All Australian IPA. A straight up, West Coast inspired IPA comprised, unsurprisingly, of Australian ingredients. In the usual Akasha fashion, it’s dry and light on the malt so you can slam it down fast (please don’t tell ABAC I said that).

Utilising Galaxy and Australian grown Cascade, the All Australian is bitter with an intense passionfruit, grapefruit and spicy citrus aroma. Essentially, it’s Akasha at the top of their game. Finishing extremely clean and at 6.8 percent ABV, there’s a good chance you’ll polish off a four-pack before you can even finish calling the boundary referee a fly larvae or something.

Judd Owen

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