Mismatch Brewing White IPA

Mismatch Brewing Co

Released December 10, 2019

Alongside their very consistent and frequently award-winning core range, the team at Mismatch also punch out a long list of limited release beers over the year, many of which are rarely poured outside their home base at Lot 100 in the Adelaide Hills. Now, however, thanks to the installation of a labelling machine at the brewery, these limited releases are set to be packaged and sent further afield.

First up is not one for the traditionalist; instead, it's a merging of two styles into one only seen intermittently, even in these devil-may-care days. They started out with a Belgian witbier base – lots of wheat in the grist and a Belgian yeast designed to add fruity, spicy characters. The step away from tradition came next: to impart more citrus fruit aromas, the beer was dry-hopped just like an American IPA.

The aromas intertwine gracefully and are a great focal point from which to start: funky Belgian esters mix with fresh orange juice, coriander seeds and a touch of wheat. Within the hazy, light yellow liquid, the OJ character plays nicely with the wheat base, while the citrus pops and the Belgian influence refuses to take a backwards step either, before things wrap up with a dry finish.

Matt King

White IPA
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