Mismatch Brewing Co Strawberry Berliner Weisse

Mismatch Brewing Co

Released November 1, 2019

Mismatch's can designs have something of the classy cricket club's logo about them, yet still work even when taken into bold colour territory. And they're rarely bolder than when they put out one of their fruited Berliner Weisse. The livery for this strawberry-laced affair might not be as bright as its mandarin predecessor but it's strawberries-and-cream lolly shades are a good precursor for what lies inside.

That said, there's no even a hint of pink to the liquid; but there is a creaminess to the strawberry aroma. It's balanced by the gentlest of tangs, sitting in refreshing rather than tart territory and with a full body for such a small beer. Taken together, it makes for another easy-going quaffer from the Mismatch team.

James Smith

Strawberry Berliner Weisse
Mismatch Brewing Co

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