Mismatch Brewing Co India Pale Ale

Mismatch Brewing Co

If something ain't broke, why fix it? Sure, the IPA family tree has taken some pretty interesting routes (or should that be roots?) in recent times, many of them delicious too. But there's a reason the style was such a strong point from which to launch: the classic India Pale Ale as reimagined by American craft brewers is just a bloody awesome beer when done right. And Mismatch are clearly very aware of that.

They've used a combination of US hops Idaho #7 and Mosaic with Moutere out of New Zealand to create a beer as lively as the bright orange cans in which it comes. Vibrant aromas take in the tropical, the deep citrus, the piney and a little grapefruit, while there's a well-judged balancing sweetness that makes the not insignificant 70 IBUs sit just where they should. A cracking modern day West Coast IPA.

West Coast IPA
70 IBU
Mismatch Brewing Co

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