All Hands Berry Berry Sour

All Hands Brewing House

Released November 8th, 2019

This beer is not about the hops. It’s not about the malt. It’s not about the yeast. It’s not even really about the sour. This is all about the fruit.

We’re not talking “enough fruit that you can justify putting it on the label”. We’re talking “enough fruit to turn the beer the colour of cartoon grapes” - two hundred kilos of blueberries and blackberries added to less than a thousand litres of beer. Even the head is a rich candy pink, which is fitting since the aroma is all musk sticks and strawberries and cream, like walking through a sweet shop. It’s addictive.

But when you taste Berry Berry Sour, you’ll notice it doesn’t taste like candy, and it almost doesn’t even taste like a sour beer. It drinks like a wine; specifically, a sparkling red wine, like a slightly tart Lambrusco. The simple Pils and wheat base has left so much room for the fruit to shine that even the lactic acid is in a secondary role, there only insofar as it props up the berries.

As a Melbourne Cup release, this spring beer is going to see a lot of sunshine, selfies, and spritz glasses.

Mick Wust

Fruit Sour
12 IBU
All Hands Brewing House

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