Quiet Deeds Cosmic Gateway & Collusion

Deeds Brewing

Published October 9, 2019

After the flurry of hoppy and hazy releases they’ve focused much of their time on since their brewery was first fired up, Deeds Brewing’s latest two releases head in a slightly different direction. Well, sort of...

Cosmic Gateway is a saison brewed with hibiscus and the Kiwi hop Pacifica. It's also the brewery’s first beer brewed in their open top fermenter. It pours a wonderful red that evokes memories of a darker rosé and, when it comes to flavour and refreshment, it would be just as fitting an apéritif as wine too. The hibiscus stands out and lends some sweet strawberry notes to the beer, while the more classic saison yeast-derived flavours come to the fore over time.

Collusion is a far bigger and brasher beer brewed with Western Australia’s Rocky Ridge and, as such, more closely resembles the Deeds releases of late. Labelled a DDH Wheatwine, fans of big hazy IPAs will find much of what they love in the collaboration. Made with Hop Product Australia’s yet-to-be-properly-named HPA-016 hop, the beer gives drinkers a big fruit punch of mandarin and mango plus a touch of pine. The hefty amount of wheat within the malt bill contributes to a seriously thick body that sits somewhere between a monstrous NEIPA and a well shaken protein drink. And, while the booze stays reasonably hidden for its size, there is a layer of warmth too.

Will Ziebell

Saison / DDH Wheatwine
5.8% & 10.0%
Deeds Brewing

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