Future Mountain Series of Dreams

Future Mountain

Released September 17, 2019

Beginning its life as golden ale, after six months in barrels Series of Dreams was transferred to spend a further two months on fresh raspberries from the Yarra Valley. The beer spent those two months refermenting away and extracting a lot from those berries, as its vibrant, bright red colour can attest to.

It plucked out a whole lot of flavour too, packing a hefty punch of raspberries with a jammy quality that matches against the beer’s tart acidity.

Will ZIebell

Raspberry Sour

Future Mountain bottles are heading to some bottleshops but your best bet is the brewery or their online store

Future Mountain

703-707 Plenty Road
VIC 3073

Regular events

Thursday Specials: $8 pints of Saison, Pilsner & Farmhouse Pale

Open Hours

Thurs & Fri: 4pm to late
Saturday: midday to 11pm
Sunday: midday to 8pm

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