Future Mountain Incantation

Future Mountain

Published September 17, 2019

The first saisons might have been found in the fields of Belgium and Northern France but when they’re made with a lower ABV – which few modern ones are – there’s no limit to where, when or how they should be enjoyed. Well carbonated, light on the palate and unlikely to lead to a nap post-consumption, it’s a beer ready to match with almost any meal at almost any time of the day.

That’s certainly the case with Future Mountain’s Incantation, a sprightly-carbonated table beer that sits at 3.4 percent ABV and is a reminder that plenty of flavour can come with lower ABV beers. You’ll find a mix of funky, fruity Belgian esters and spice on the nose, set against an earthiness and herbal bitterness in a beer with a pleasing minerality and surprising body for its size (thanks to the use of oats and triticale) that finishes bone dry and relatively bitter.

Will Ziebell

Table Beer

Future Mountain bottles are heading to some bottleshops but your best bet is the brewery or their online store

Future Mountain

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