Black Brewing & Kuld Neapolitan Ice Cream Stout

Black Brewing Co

Published August 22, 2019

For their latest dessert-inspired collaboration, Black Brewing and WA ice cream artisans Kuld have focused their attentions on the tri-coloured Neapolitan treat; apparently three ideas in one beer are better than one in the two previous.

Chocolate, strawberry and vanilla flavours present in the lactose infused sweet stout, as you'd hope, which arrives as a gleeful, cross-stripe gambit rather than distinct layers through its length – after all, what child really took the time to explore the nuance of each flavour as they were wolfing it down?

Indeed, despite the inspiration, this is still very much a beer, one with a dry, dark chocolate character appearing in the final third, neatly sealing its playful nostalgia with a mature glance over the shoulder.

Guy Southern

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