Nomad Brewing Supersonic Rossa

Nomad Brewing

Released May 29, 2019

It’s hard not to love a red IPA. It’s harder yet not to love a red double IPA. And it’s harder still not to love a red double IPA when the label has a picture of a magpie driving a red sports car through the Italian countryside, and you find yourself dreaming and wishing that you were there, taking those roads at 130km/h and soaking in the rolling hills and rustic farmhouses. (I say this as someone who just got back from a trip to the Italian countryside and is dying to go back. Does it show?)

Even if you took away this unfair advantage away from Supersonic Rossa, it would still hold up as a stellar example of the style. Deep wine red hues. Candied orange zest on the nose. Dark toffee flavours rounded out by a hefty wallop of grapefruity bitterness. Wave of warmth spreading through the chest.

And that reminder of the Italian countryside… sigh.

Mick Wust

Double Red IPA
Nomad Brewing

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