CoConspirators The Apprentice

CoConspirators Brewing

Published May 24, 2019

Brunswick may be home to countless cafés and a fair share of coffee roasteries but, if you’re in the neighbourhood want to see how chocolate is made, Ratio Cocoa Roasters is where you need to be. From bean to bar, each part of the chocolate making process is showcased inside the Sydney Road store where, of course, myriad finished products can be purchased.

First brewed for winter 2018, The Apprentice is a collaboration between CoConsporators and said chocolatier. Pouring black and with a thickness to the mouthfeel, the first flavours to hit are a rich, chocolaty sweetness. Those first impressions might resemble a cup of hot chocolate served cold, but there’s a coffee-like roasted flavour in its midst too that brings the young lady more comfortably into dark beer territory.

Will Ziebell

Chocolate Milk Stout
CoConspirators Brewing

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