All Hands Dunkel In The Rye

All Hands Brewing House

Released April 25th, 2019

Originally brewed as a one-off in the first half of 2018, this beer proved such a hit with regulars (as well as snagging a silver at the 2018 Indies) that All Hands decided to start a tradition: brew in time for Anzac Day; release on Anzac Day; serve with an Anzac biscuit.

Order a pint of this and it’ll display a russet colour, but in a smaller glass it’s a dark ruby, like the robe of a king, with its creamy, off-white head sitting atop like a crown. But this isn’t a drink reserved for royalty; it’s a dark lager for everyone, bringing together smooth, easy-drinking for the everyman, and intriguing complexity for the connoisseur.

Over a simple lager base, the brewers layered three different rye malts from New Zealand maltster Gladfield: their standard rye, and two of their limited, specialty malts, Crystal Rye and Chocolate Rye. The combination is to thank for the rich colour, but also for the spicy chocolate notes, the gentle caramel sweetness, and the bitter cocoa that hovers at the back.

Let it warm a little, pair it with an ANZAC biscuit, and enjoy the complexities of this young tradition.

Mick Wust

Munich Dunkel
24 IBU
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