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Published March 31, 2019

What better way to show beer how much you love it than showering it in rose petals?

That's what happened when Tim "Gunslinger" Hoskins from Black Brewing and Amos "The Beer Walrus" from Old Faithful in Perth's CBD got together to create their latest collaboration, Faithfully Yours. The idea was to create a unique rose water sour you could share with your significant other. Tim even features on the decal in a reference to the movie American Beauty (Amos has appeared on decals in the past so clearly decided to allow his co-conspirator the run this time).

Rose petals were added at three different stages of the brewing process, with two kilograms used at the dry-hopping (dry-petalling?) stage, giving the beer a floral perfume aroma. The initial flavour is sweet rose water, while the sourness is subdued and the acidity light, allowing the rose water and lemon to shine.

Lactobacillus and citric acid were used in the kettle souring of the beer to create a refreshing tartness in a beer that finishes dry with a light body and an aftertaste in the realm of herbal/lemon/rose.

Yours Faithfully, Beer.

Michael Cridge

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