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Published March 29, 2019

After playing around with Wildflower's mixed culture when creating Mildflower, WBC head brewer Jade Flavell wanted to take things up a level with her next table beer. So, when Ben Kraus from Bridge Road called in for another collaboration, he brought the Brett C culture from his Mayday Hills range to be combined with blackberries and raspberries, Jade's French saison strain and Topher’s Wildflower bag of tricks.

The result is a 4.5 percent table beer that oozes berries, one in which a pinkish hue surrounds a light orange coloured liquid not dissimilar to a light rosé, albeit with a small, bright white head. Fresh juicy berries dominate the aromas, so much so that they can be picked up as soon as the beer is poured. Some yeast-derived funk is present but not overbearing in a beer that's light and super-easy to drink, with berries at the forefront on the palate alongside a touch of funk and a decent sourness, and in which the collaborators have juggled the yeast, sour and berries with poise.

Matt King

Berry Table Beer

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