Smiling Samoyed Baby Brain Pale Ale

Smiling Samoyed

Published November 16, 2018

It was a joyous occasion: Kate and Simon had just welcomed their first son, Alvin, into the world; they were over the moon. Anyone who has experienced a newborn can attest to the fact that sleep is hard to come by, especially in the first few weeks, and the idea of feeling even remotely human has to be put on hiatus. However, the show must go on and that is exactly what Simon did – after very little sleep.

His intentions when he got to work were to brew Smiling Samoyed's American pale ale, 12 Paws, however he miscalculated the recipe slightly, adding too much malt and a few more hops; hence Baby Brain was born. The beer was first brewed in 2016 and proved to be much loved by the local beer drinkers so, now that it's been reincarnated, Simon and Kate decided to bottle the beer so it can be drunk far and wide.

Similar to a newborn waking their parents at the crack of dawn, Baby Brain shines with a sunrise orange colour, awakening the senses. The aromas are a mix of tropical fruits, peach and biscuity malt sweetness. Even though Simon added extra malt, Baby Brain is still very much a hop driven beer, with the aromas flowing through to the flavour seamlessly. A slight stickiness is there, alongside a medium body in a beer that sits at 5.9 percent ABV. If your brain was slightly fuzzed before the beer, Baby Brain will most definitely set things straight.

Matt King

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