Wayward Brewing Everyday Ale

Wayward Brewing Co

Released October 12, 2018

The only clue you need about Wayward’s Everyday Ale is in the name. It’s meant as a go-to beer for every day and situation. They must’ve been mighty tempted to just call it a pale ale (because, at its heart, that’s exactly what it is) but there’s also a sense they’re trying to push people a bit beyond the ordinary, to not have you settle for the status quo and get you dreaming of being the one astride the motorcycle on the label artwork, riding a road to who-knows-where as long as its somewhere more exciting than the usual. Most of us probably could do with a little more adventure in our days.

If you’re a diehard mainstream beer lager drinker the Everyday Ale will offer that escape by way of plenty of hop character – particularly of citrus and tropical fruits – though it stops well short of coming across as a sweet fruit salad. Instead there’s an almost old-school level of bitterness that’s pleasant, drying and keeps you coming back for the next sip – plus a pleasantly low 4.2 percent ABV which almost insists you do. If you’re further advanced on your beer journey the Everyday Ale won’t necessarily interrupt your trip but it is darn satisfying and eminently sessionable. Any day that involves drinking one of these isn't likely to be a bad one.

Nick Oscilowski

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