Flat Rock Brew Cafe IIPA & Black IPA

Flat Rock Brew Cafe

Released September 28th, 2018

A double IPA is a far cry from the easy drinking English cask ales which make up one of the key tenets of the Flat Rock Brew Cafe. Then again, maybe this one isn’t so different in principle considering it’s so supremely easy to drink. Ok, it may be dense and dank thanks to the Cascade and Chinook hops throwing up plenty of citrus and pine character, plus a very slight touch of spiciness, but it hides its power beneath a lush blanket of chewy caramel malt flavour that negates any harsh bitterness yet remains courteous enough to allow for a dry finish to come through. Flat Rock’s IIPA is a fairly sizeable beer with enticing approachability.

On a similar end of the spectrum yet entirely different, at just 4.6 percent ABV the Black IPA is a few points short of where most people would likely lump an IPA of any colour or shape, with the exception perhaps of the outlier that is the low ABV Session IPA. Could they be attempting to tread new ground for some sort of Session Black IPA here? Unlikely. A cause célèbre isn’t Flat Rock’s style. It’s just them just making whatever they damn well want because they feel that way inclined.

And what they’ve made is a broadly dark and hoppy beer where you’re met at first with characters of citrus and pine before drifting into a world of dark malt. While the body isn’t as full as higher ABV examples of the style, it nevertheless shows off generous roast and coffee characters before winding up with a very dry and moderately bitter finish. All told, it holds its head high in terms of the flavour it manages to put forward within the package it actually is.

Nick Oscilowski

Double IPA & Black IPA
7.3% & 4.6%
Flat Rock Brew Cafe

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