Smiling Samoyed ESB 2018

Smiling Samoyed

Published July 19, 2018

Autumn weather in South Australia tends to remain quite warm with the odd week of cold thrown in to prepare people for winter. The sort of beer style suited for such unpredictable temperature fluctuations is an ESB. Smiling Samoyed's is brewed using traditional English ingredients, including East Kent Golding hops and an English yeast strain.

A rich copper colour starts the ESB experience, with a small, off white head and brilliant clarity. There's a prominent nutty aroma leading the way, alongside some toffee and malt sweetness. Medium bodied on the palate, again the nuttiness shines through and dominates the flavours of this malt driven beer with a sweeter side and a subdued bitterness.

Matt King

Smiling Samoyed

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