Thunder Road & The Rum Diary Spiced Rum Dark Lager

Thunder Road Brewing Co

Published May 16, 2018

Back when it picked up one of its back to back AIBA Champion Brewery trophies, one of the beers that collected a gold medal for Thunder Road was a Spiced Rum Dark Lager. It's back for autumn 2018 as a collaboration with The Rum Diary bar.

Master Blender Daniel Monk created a special spiced rum for the brew, blending the venue's Caribbean rum with all natural spices of vanilla, liquorice, star anise, wattleseed, cacao and white oak. This was then infused with the brewery's interpretation of a German Schwarzbier (dark lager), "melding European malt and hops with the molasses and alcohol tang of rum". They tell us you can expect flavours of "mocha chocolate, vanilla, hazelnut, anise and oak astringency" in a beer the brewers reckon has turned out "malty and complex, yet refreshing and drinkable."

Rum Spiced Dark Lager
Thunder Road Brewing Co

130 Barkly Street
VIC 3056

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