All Hands Wood Duck Cream Ale

All Hands Brewing House

When the King Street Brewhouse closed its doors in 2017, got wrapped in a plywood chrysalis for months and eventually emerged as the beautiful All Hands brewpub, it had shed all of its old beer recipes. Well, almost all. One of the very few stipulations from management (and you’d dare say a heck of a lot of punters, given its popularity) to the brewers was that they had to keep the old Wood Duck. So it is that this cream ale remains the go-to beer on The Promenade, with its mild biscuity malt character, gentle bitterness from Saaz hops and a touch of theatre; the beer is served on nitro so begins as a glass full of impenetrably hazy and creamy liquid before magically clarifying into a simple, straw coloured and eminently quaffable beer.

Cream Ale
18 IBU
All Hands Brewing House

22 The Promenade
King Street Wharf
NSW 2000

(02) 8270 7901
Open Hours

Mon to Sun: 11am to late

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