All Hands Traveller Saison

All Hands Brewing House

You could make an argument that this saison is the most interesting beer in the All Hands range. That’s because its name, Traveller, represents a genuine journey and a beer that will change over time and with the seasons. Each version will be brewed with the same simple base recipe – an even split of Pilsner and Wheat malts, plus a dash of Ella hops – but the brewers will pitch a different yeast into each variant. How that will affect the end beer depends entirely on the character of the yeast; maybe there will be a lot of similarities from version to version, maybe there won’t. As with anything related to travelling, the most memorable bits tend to involve taking a step into the unknown. Best just to enjoy the journey.

See the Specials page for write-ups on the latest seasonal version of Traveller.

20 IBU
All Hands Brewing House

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