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Social Bandit

Released February 12th, 2018

As naming stories for a beer go, a car journey with a disgruntled child is one of the least likely, but that's how Social Bandit's brewer Jeff Whyte landed upon a name for a sour beer he'd been working on at his brewpub. Before having a name, the beer started out as a Berliner weisse to which was added guanabana AKA soursop AKA a fruit with a bunch of other different names but, for the purposes of Jeff's beer, was introduced for its passionfruit and coconut like qualities.

The result of this mix of water, malt, hops, yeast, lactobacillus and fruit is a hazy pale beer with lively lemon rind and juicy fruit aromas and flavours, a bracing lacto sourness that's bolder than most you'll unearth from Aussie brewers and a grippy, drying, acidic finish. It's a combination that landed it a top five finish in our "session sours" blind tasting too.

Berliner Weisse
Social Bandit

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