Wheaty Brewing Corps Kransky Mini Pils

Wheaty Brewing Corps

Published October 10, 2017

If there's one brewery in the country you can trust to take a pun and run with it, it's the Wheaty Brewing Corps. Here, the Kransky of the title refers not so much to the sausage but sausage dogs. Why? Apparently, it's a reference to the small frame of a sausage dog and how they still pack in plenty of personality and character. It's a mid-strength-ish pilsner made with Vienna as the base malt alongside sprinklings of Carapils and acidulated malt and with newish German hop Callista alongside one of Jade’s favourites, Magnum.

It's a simple beer, deep golden and of medium body and carbonation, that doesn’t skip on the flavours: clean, earthy, biscuit aromas create the first impression – simple and not overpowering. Malt driven, easy to drink and with the sort of low ABV that mean drinkers can put their money on this dog all day.

Matt King

Small PIlsner
18 IBU

The Wheaty

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