Wheaty Brewing Corps & Hobart Brewing Co & Van Dieman Ice Coffee

Wheaty Brewing Corps

Published October 4, 2017

While showing Scott and Jimmy from Hobart Brewing Co and Will from Van Diemen Brewing around town, the Wheaty Brewing Corps stumbled across a South Australian favourite, Farmer’s Union Iced Coffee. Well, they stumbled on a version of it – instead of finding the milky beverage in a fridge, the group created a beer in its image. The foursome had been discussing opposites and how a beer that looked like an IPA could taste like a stout; the result was the Ice Coffee White Stout.

Sweet, sweet lactose with a dash of coffee is the first impression – just like a cappuccino in a glass. Some biscuit malt aromas compliment the sweetness as if they've popped a biscuit in your saucer too, while low carbonation adds to the silky, creamy mouthfeel. The flavour is a lot less sweet, however, even as the lactose balances the medium roast Colombian coffee enlisted to do the work dark grains would typically handle in a stout. A splash of Cherrywood smoked malt and vanilla beans help tie everything together in a beer designed to confuse: the body and colour spectrum of an IPA with the flavours and aromas of a dessert stout.

Your morning coffee just got a whole lot more interesting.

Matt King

White Coffee Stout
25 IBU

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