Bad Shepherd Double Choc Hazelnut Brown

Bad Shepherd

Published November 30, 2016

It may have been one of Bad Shepherd founder and head brewer Dereck Hales' favourites from his recipe collection, but it's doubtful he expected his Hazelnut Brown to be such a hit. Yet its combination of luscious hazelnut, chocolate, vanilla and Frangelico has provided not just a surprise punter favourite but one of the brewpub's biggest sellers out in the wider world. So, when it came to designing a beer with which to mark reaching one year in business, it was back to the Hazelnut Brown they turned.

A bit like La Sirène when they decided to ramp up their Praline to imperial levels, for the birthday beer it was a case of turning up the dial on everything already in place – then adding cocoa for good measure. And presumably Dereck and co are happy with the outcome as everything from the original – chocolate, hazelnut, creaminess – is there but more so. There's a hint of liqueur booziness on the nose amid the opulence yet it still finishes surprisingly dry. As presents to yourself go, it's a good un.

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