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Old Wives Ales

Released February 1, 2016

One of the earliest releases from the Old Wives and, if memory serves correctly, the first to eschew hops as the primary force for good. Here, the brewers opted for a saison then piled on raspberries, specifically "a whole lotta" them.

The base beer was kept simple and lean, so there's not too much in the way of the funk, spice or pepper you can find in many saison style beers. Instead, it's light in body and as much there to carry the raspberry character. They lend the beer a soft pink hue but, more importantly, a summery berry aroma and gently tart raspberry flavours to complement the delicate malts and soft spices. Refreshing as.

Raspberry Saison
27 IBU
Old Wives Ales

PO Box 1155 (Office)
VIC 3071

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