Nail Brewing Chocolate Brown Ale

Nail Brewing

Published August 29, 2016

Anyone who's paid even a passing attention to Nail Brewing over the past decade and more will know that founder and head brewer John Stallwood is rather adept at creating marvellous malt driven ales. The best known, his Clout Stout, is set to hit shelves in its limited edition form very soon, while it has a partner-in-crime for the end of winter 2016 too.

The Chocolate Brown Ale joins a fine roster of darker Nail brews: Huhge Dunn imperial brown, a one-off Clayden Brew imperial porter, the trophy-winning Flaming Lamington and so on. It first appeared in 2015 and is back by popular demand: described as "an approachable brown ale with a big dose of chocolate malt for a subtle chocolate influence", it's a keg only release and is as smooth and balanced as one has come to expect from Nail.

Brown Ale
Nail Brewing

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