Modus Operandi Kiwi Kerfuffle In Brussels

Modus Operandi

Released August 26th, 2016

Despite the attention they get for their hoppy American beers, Modus Operandi has long had a thing for saisons – in fact, on day one of their brewery opening they poured two in the form of Pepper In The Rye and MOFOS, with more soon following. But the latest may well be their best yet.

It’s called Kiwi Kerfuffles In Brussels and if you guessed that this means a Belgian saison yeast crossed with New Zealand hops, you’d be right. It throws out some bubblegum aromas at first but the big winner is the fruitiness, its tropical character coming at you through via a delightful dash of dry hopping.

It’s a fairly big beer at 7.2 percent ABV though you wouldn’t know it as everything is hidden beneath a clean and dry finish. This is a slightly unusual but elegant beer that’s unlikely to be fashionable but is eminently enjoyable.

Nick O

Hoppy Saison

Modus Operandi Brewery

Modus Operandi

14 Harkeith Street
Mona Vale
NSW 2103

(02) 8407 9864
Regular events

Wed: Ping Pong + Pints
Thur: $10 burgers, $15 jugs & vinyl sets
Fri-Sun: Live music (see social media for lineup and times)

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Wed-Sun: 12pm to 10pm


By appointment

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