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Released July 24, 2016

They'll be happy Nomads in Brookvale this week after returning from the Craft Beer Awards in Brisbane with a champion's trophy in their luggage. After spending the past year or so diversifying their brewing palate in pretty much every direction imaginable, adding all manner of ingredients to beers, exploring high and low ABVs and collaborating with a high calibre roster of internationals, they may be particularly chuffed that it was one of their launch beers that took out the gong too: their Long Trip Saison.

But, while their success in the Belgian & French Ale category will encourage some to revisit their core range, the one-offs continue to come. The latest punsome one is the Choc Wort Orange, which comes with a name, description and artwork paying homage to Anthony Burgess and the world of Moloko and ultraviolence. And how have they decided to honour such an iconic – and hard edged – classic? With a suitably ballsy beer.

The brewery's first imperial stout weighs in at 9.5 percent ABV and lets you know it means business from the off, crawling down your glass in an oily, viscous manner. Dominant characteristics are Bournville like dark chocolate and roasted malt, with the citrus peel that lends it the "orange" of the title doing little to penetrate the darkness into which hints of leather – perhaps from Alex DeLarge's boots – stray instead. It makes for a strident take on the style, one that should leave a nice, warm vibraty feeling all through your guttiwuts.

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