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Brewer's notes:
In the complex and often confusing world of Goodies and Baddies, we all need a little Joint Purpose, a single Team that everyone can get behind...

Enter ‘Team Australia’, our first of many IPAs bursting with homegrown hops. First wort Ella, Galaxy for bittering, Ella/Galaxy/Vic Secret in the whirlpool and 2kg of Vic Secret flowers in the hopback provide a solid foundation for our new leader: Enigma. Enigma is a brand spanking New Australian who displays characteristics quite different to her teammates; more tropical, melon and wine-like than citrus, pineapple and passionfruit – and with more than a touch of Team Kiwi about her...

We dry hopped TA with a sample brick of Enigma and super fresh Galaxy and the result is a well aromatic, hop forward, heaps bitter IPA of Team Australian proportions.

Take one for the Team, it’s unAustralian not to.

Australian IPA
42 IBU
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