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Brewer's notes:
Our plan with Wheaty-Bix was to brew the breakfast stout equivalent of cold drip filtered coffee: clean, lean and delicate on the one hand with a clear intensity of coffee character on the other – focused and sharp yet full and smooth. To this end we combined a layered roast malt bill with flaked and malted oats; a cool, clean ferment with Irish ale yeast – and cold drip coffee by the (literal) bucket load.

Our friends at Market St sourced just the right bean for our purposes: D’Angelo Ethiopian Single Origin Sidamo. Their coffee is brewed with cold water over eight to 12 hours and the resulting cold drip extraction is, as Market St’s Justin puts it “almost liqueur-like, with low acidity, pronounced sweetness and intense character. In the cup it’s fruity and floral with a tropical/candied fruit aroma, clean mouthfeel, big body and a long sweet finish.”

All going to plan the Market St cold drip and Wheaty Oatmeal Stout will meld into the complete breakfast pint and it will be difficult to tell where the coffee ends and the stout begins...

Hope you’ve had your Wheaty-Bix.

Breakfast Stout
39 IBU
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