Flat Rock Devil's Pond Imperial Stout

Flat Rock Brew Cafe

Released July 8th, 2015

They like to tip their hat towards a bit of local history do the folks at the Flat Rock Brew Cafe. After all, their business is effectively named for a flat rock which itself named the Flat Rock Creek, their pale ale and IPAs are named for local poets and pig farmers Henry Lawson and Fatty Dawson, and the latest beer to hit their taps, The Devil’s Pond, has similar roots. Apparently, so we’re led to believe, there was once a spectacular waterfall in Naremburn which fell into one Devil’s Hole. For reasons we can’t now imagine, the waterfall was designated as a landfill site in the 1930s and filled with garbage. Not only does it seem a typically unfathomable disregard for nature, but a pile of garbage is an entirely inappropriate reference for such a lovely beer.

This imperial stout has spent time in Lark distillery barrels but has actually been split, with some spending six months inside and some twelve months. All things considered, the two beers are actually very similar – as you might expect – with perhaps the main difference being that the elder version experienced more evaporation so is slightly thicker with a little more concentrated intensity and character from the French oak. The ‘younger’ version has more of the immediate bourbon character which dominated before the vanilla really got a chance to take hold. That aside, it pours much like an espresso, thick and with low carbonation. The dark malts add hints of raisin sweetness and it’s got the kind of smoothness and indulgence that will have you calling for an armchair and an open fire. While they don’t have either of those at the brew pub, they have gone to the trouble of hand bottling a few cases so you can find your own sweet spot and give the beer the treatment it deserves.

Nick O

Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout

Flat Rock Brew Cafe

Limited bottles available too

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