Flat Rock Brew Cafe 1890 Pale Ale

Flat Rock Brew Cafe

Released July 1st, 2015

A few months ago, Karl Riseborough of the Flat Rock Brew Cafe was approached by the North Sydney Council with the idea of brewing a beer to celebrate the municipality’s 125th anniversary. Being the Lower North Shore’s only brewery and a keen community-focused business, he was only too happy to oblige. Thus, around 20 people from various parts of the council, along with some local residents, got together at the brewpub and went through a wide range of beers to decide what they should brew for the occasion. Consensus was found in a pale ale, with the proviso that it had to be just a little different.

Their ideas were passed on to brewer Vince de Soyres who opted for a beer big on citrus character. To start with it’s got El Dorado and Cascade hops which give off big fruity aromas, but he’s also added mandarin peel, lemon peel and some dried mango to give it an all-round tropical feel. At 32 IBUs it’s quite low in bitterness, leaving that fruity freshness to linger and help make it extremely quaffable. To help spread the communal love, the 1890 Pale Ale will be available throughout July at Flat Rock and a handful of other Lower North Shore venues.

Pale Ale
32 IBU

Flat Rock Brew Cafe

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