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Released June 16th, 2015

With their high alcohol content, barley wines can be quite challenging beasts for drinkers to tackle: the booze, the hops and the sweetness are often ramped right up and can make it hard to handle a whole pint [not sure they were ever intended for 'by the pint' consumption! – Ed.]. Flat Rock’s version isn’t like that at all.

At a comparatively low 8.5 percent ABV it’s more along the lines of a traditional English style barley wine rather than the more aggressive American style. To be sure, with eight different malts mashed in, there’s always going to be malt complexity and a good level of sweetness, but brewer Vince de Soyres isn’t so much a fan of sweet beers so this has Sterling and Chinook hops to balance it all out. Thus the sweetness doesn’t linger but rather dries out nicely keeping the beer properly drinkable, even at 85 IBUs. It’s been aged for six months - in keg rather than barrel - and according to the brewer has improved for having done so.

Nick O

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