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Released April 15th, 2015

Back in February, Leonardo di Vincenzo from Birra Del Borgo and Brooks Caretta from Nomad Brewing joined the Flat Rock Brew Cafe’s Vince de Soyres at the Naremburn brewpub for a three way collaboration. The beer they chose to brew was an uncommon one in Australia: a Biere de Mars, where the ‘Mars’ part is French for ‘March’. With Vince being French, it all makes perfect sense.

Typically this style sits in the area between Biere de Garde and saison but unfortunately they couldn’t source the ideal yeast before Leo’s arrival from Italy so they did what brewers do and blended a British ale yeast with a saison yeast to try and hit the right balance. Added to that were muscat grapes and raisins, first sterilised through the boiling wort then added to the tank by way of the dry hopping method throughout the long, cool fermentation. That’s resulted in a beer which carries plenty of candy sweetness, a pleasant bubblegum character, the saison esters you’d expect and a nice dry finish. Brewer Vince said that not having the right yeast, although more difficult, has made for a more interesting beer with some unusual flavours but still balanced; as another marker he suggests it resembles something of a Marzen with farmhouse character. For all that’s going on in the glass, it’s pleasant to drink and certainly won’t have anyone running scared if they’ve never tried the style before.

Nick O

Biere de Mars

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